What is A 3D Printer

3D printing, also known as stereoscopic printing, usually refers to the three-dimensional grating printing. It uses a simulation of the human eye spacing can produce spatial difference principle, the different angles, different levels of pixels recorded in the photosensitive material, and by the combination of grating materials.

On the two-dimensional planar image of three-dimensional effect and even virtual reality through this way, people do not need any tools, The marvelous pleasures of stereoscopic images can be clearly and seen directly through the eyes.

What is A 3D Printer

Do you know What is A 3D Printer ?

3D three-dimensional print and three-dimensional picture on the computer can not see the three-dimensional effect, but the three-dimensional copy printed out, due to the particularity of the grating material, no need to wear stereo glasses, you will see the stereoscopic effect!

Brief introduction

The early images were presented in black and white (monochrome) and turned into color at present more emphasis on 3D (stereoscopic) printing and even virtual reality realm.

Planar Image stereoscopic technology as early as more than 30 years ago also merchandise launched, but hindered by the limitations of materials and critical technology cannot break through. It can only be used in small areas of goods, in the three-dimensional layer can only be achieved under four layers of false three-dimensional (3D printing), such as the general view of the animation is the use of its image of the wrong. In order to show a deep stereoscopic effect or a magical animation effect on the printing of a thin sheet, the current is nothing more than the use of a grating for page.

Holographic Laser film is not able to restore the right color. At present, the best international grating is pet column mirror grating, and the pet has high transparency, moderate hardness, environmental degradation, and other advantages, then the pp more suitable folding box, image clearer.

To achieve the ideal image accuracy, generally involves 100 to 161 lines of the grating (number of lines refers to the number of grating stripes in one inch) the extensive box selection of 75-wire grating.
Grating printing is very fastidious, the requirements for publishing equipment and printing equipment are very high, and the factory personnel must have the considerable professional experience to design and print a clear stereoscopic image or animated pictures with aesthetic sense.

At present, non-toxic, harmless, recyclable, environmentally friendly pet raw material production of the three-dimensional packaging box, three-dimensional plastic plate. Three-dimensional grating sheet design with lifelike three-dimensional, animation and unique three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting effect of printed matter, widely used in tobacco, wine, cosmetics, Drugs, and other products of three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting and beautiful packaging. As well as publicity ads, posters, wedding photography, stationery, calendars, all kinds of cards, postcards, tags, handbags, and other fields.

3D technology can adapt to the political, economic, military, scientific, cultural, artistic and other areas.

3D Stereoscopic Overlay Technology

3D Three-dimensional overlay technology is a novel three-dimensional printing technology, is a series of stripes, icons, trademarks, and other patterns to form a special stereoscopic effect, the depth of field can be controlled at will, you can also make the super depth of field. have done three-dimensional printing friends know, because of the structure of three-dimensional column mirror grating, regardless of the traditional three-dimensional printing technology how advanced, how sophisticated printing equipment, three-dimensional picture jumping phenomenon is not overcome.

The three-dimensional printing technology control in place, there will also be 2–6 a jump point. If the stereoscopic printing technology is not precise, the shaking point will be shaking around the screen.

This is also many people watching stereoscopic painting feel dizzying the cause. No matter how beautiful the printing screen, if it is because of the three-dimensional printing technology caused consumers to see the discomfort, the product image will be deducted points.

Now the use of 3D stereoscopic overlay technology, not only eliminates the dizzying problem, improve product grade, attract consumers but also play a specific role in security. 3D three-dimensional folding technology and traditional three-dimensional printing technology, in the three-dimensional effect of the most significant difference, is no jump, no change! Viewing at any angle, the screen has a three-dimensional effect, but no shaking point!

In other words, any angle is comfortable, no dazzling phenomenon, this is the traditional three-dimensional printing technology cannot do.

Prospect Of 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing products at present in the world has a thriving scene, and all areas can be applied to three-dimensional printing products, such as common are Photo Studio market, 3D stereoscopic painting, card industry, handicraft market, advertising posters, art decoration, cultural landscape, tourism souvenirs and so on.

It can be seen that the arrival of the three-dimensional printing era will bring a new “industrial revolution” to the traditional image industry.

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