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Introduction: Nintendo Switch’s performance in the first year was unbelievable, and he amassed an impressive 3 A-level first-party game and a huge indie game camp at a breakneck pace.

In the second year, we thought it was the best time to create our first Nintendo Switch Top game list. Before we get started, let’s talk a little bit about judging criteria. How to rank the top is simple: “What are the best games we play on this platform?” “Gameplay is our top concern, but we also consider factors such as play persistence, influence, and innovation.

Additionally, the list includes games that were released before April 1, 2018.


ARMS Nintendo Switch

Arms may be Nintendo’s favorite tricks, but we like it very much. While some players only look forward to a new role in the big Mess, arms create a new type of fighting by introducing a truly eccentric character and matching mechanism. Jumping, resisting and … Punching in your way in each round proves that he is one of the unique and exciting experiences of the switch so far.

Sonic: Madness Sonic

Madness is not just for fans, it’s the most powerful experience of the blue hedgehog in years to integrate. With an ingenious mix of old gameplay and dazzling new ways, he pays tribute to Sonic’s every age with some truly incredible eggs. It’s hard not to get caught up in a frenzy.

Dark Dungeon

The darkest dungeon tells you that you will have to face the worst situation-through the winding and creepy corridors of every step. This is a game about imperfect heroes: they are as prone to stress and insanity as the next, and cannot cope with the fear lurking in the shadows. Time and time again, when you gather adventurers to form a complete team, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to make a bond with them, you will be mercilessly ridiculed: just found a small mistake, the results snowball into a disaster cannot escape. In addition to the soldier, what else can you do, you gain experience from the mistakes and hope your next heroes will be better.

Pop-up Tetris

This is the perfect combination of two excellent and timeless puzzle games, a game worth installing on each switch. Whether you’re in a fast game, in a split-screen multiplayer game, showing off your tricks online, or plot mode, popping up Tetris will make you a little more of a child. As early as 1989, the Gameboy without Tetris was not complete, and today’s modern handheld devices for Nintendo are the same.

Golf Things More fascinating than your imagined golf RPG.

Although it may not be the most technologically advanced golf game in the world, it makes up for it with the most exciting and eccentric language in independent games. The golf story skillfully weaves a golf game into a strange and ever-surprising tale unfolding in a way you never thought you would. In addition to its core story, it is also an exciting and powerful role-playing game, with many challenges and side quests to enhance the character’s ability. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or an RPG enthusiast, this is an essential piece of work.

Overcooked After playing with my friends in the small room for 10 minutes, I immediately understood why so many people blew him up. I grinned at the ridiculous chef’s story, shouted with joy to my teammates, and I laughed so hard that I cried. Its more than 40 different levels provide entertainment, challenges and a positive experience for up to four players, making overcooked a very successful carnival game.

Super Carnivore Boy

He is so special: from intense but balanced difficulty to precise control, as well as superb level design, each element is correctly assembled into something remarkable. The beauty of a super meat man is that it always plays a role in the rules, and the stable difficulty curve gives you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the mechanics before applying it to the toughest challenges. Death is only one step, but the thrill of winning is enough to make you rush to the end of the game.


The sporty running style of the Doom is extraordinary, suitable for quick on the hand-held gun on the day. Whether it’s a battle of intense satisfaction or a variety of new weaponry, Doom knows how to make you feel strong. It’s a simple, brutal pattern that works well and looks good, and that’s all it needs. Smashing demons through a series of new weapons and upgrades is excellent, especially when you’re throwing in Arcade mode and fighting multiplayer arenas, and you realize that this is the best and most mature fps game on a switch.

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