Is a 4K TV Worth it to Buy ?

4K TV pros and cons detailed With foreign manufacturers to vigorously promote 4K TV, domestic manufacturers are slowly follow-up to the market to launch their 4K TV, so 4K TV because of its ultra-clear quality gradually into people’s lives. So is 4K TV okay?

Is a 4K TV Worth it to Buy

IS 4K TV worth buying?

The author here for you summed up some of the advantages and disadvantages of 4K TV, and interested friends come to know it!

Advantages of 4K TVs :

1. 4K TV’s high resolution and four times the pixel of the new 1080p TV, it can play 4K levels of movies and photos, if the use of regular TV play, in addition to stalling, but also damage the TV.

For home-use TV, large-size ordinary high-definition TV, although said to be high-definition, but close-up view, the particle sensor is more apparent, the picture quality is more delicate, and 4K TV in the size of the theater-level effect, generally more than 65 inches, so placed in the living room as the main TV, then is a very suitable product The advent of

2. 4K technology has made the 3D movies now available on the market a better visual experience, so many 4K-level TVs have taken the naked-eye 3D technology as a new trend.

Powerful decoding capabilities, support for 3D technology, and Full HD screen experience are the central core technologies of 4K.

3. Quick reaction.

With high-end hardware, 4K TVs have a very high computational power and can respond more quickly to user behavior.

4. Wide color gamut.

The 4K TV adopts the picture quality enhancement, has the full-color gamut, can easily express all kinds of 1080P television cannot display the color quality, is closer to the reality.

Disadvantages of the 4K TV

1. For the 4K level of TV, although the choice of style and brand more room, but its price cannot be reduced, the same size 1080p TV and 4K-class TV price difference of about three times. Moreover, with the increase in size, the visual experience has improved, but the price has risen as well as the Rockets.

While the small deposit of the 4K level of the TV, although the price is relatively low but completely unable to play its due effect.

2. For the 4K level of TV is the right to buy in the consumer has caused considerable controversy, in addition to a small number of the large-scale level has a 4K level of resources, but for the public, TV signal sources, including high-definition digital TV cannot reach the 4K level signal.

Which 4K TV is worth buying?

Hot recommendation At present, although the use of 4K TV is not significant, 4K film and television resources are in a rapid development phase, in the future 4K film resources or 4K TV channel will slowly become the mainstream. Wouldn’t it be a lot less fun if the TV at home wasn’t a 4K TV? So now every 2017 pairs 12 promotion period, what kind of 4K TV is worth our purchase? Is there a 4K TV in the small size TV?

The author next answer for you! Xiaomi TV 4 series new ultra-thin body and borderless screen perfect match, subversion of the traditional TV design, bring further picture enjoyment. Xiaomi TV 4 ‘s fuselage is thin to 4.9mm, more lightweight than IPhone7 29%, smaller than three one-dollar coins, is by far the thinnest millet TV. To be visually lighter, Xiaomi TV 4 also features a custom-made LG borderless LCD panel, two-tone anodized aluminum frame, both rugged and sophisticated, framed and screen seamless, looking like a whole glass, with an infinitely extended visual look and feel, lit up and then as the entire world is tiled in front of you.

The back is made of brushed metal, with a high-order curved surface that is more difficult to craft and design, making the end smooth without sharp corners, thinner and lighter. On the hardware side, Xiaomi TV 4 49-inch equipped with the Amlogic T968 4-core 64-bit high-performance processor, standard 2GB+8GB large storage combination, and equipped with 802.11AC dual-band WiFi, so that online playback smoother; be low power Bluetooth, can connect Bluetooth headset, mouse,

GamePad and other Bluetooth devices, support Dolby and DTS dual decoding.

On the screen display aspect, the Millet TV 4 49 inch uses the original LG right 4K screen, and the picture quality is superior, simultaneously supports the leading standard HDR 10, brings to restore the real environment The visual effect, lets the picture fill more details. For more and more content, Xiaomi TV 4 series of new products fully pre-set the Patchwall puzzle wall AI system, and standard Bluetooth voice remote control, at once solved the user quickly find the pain point of the content.

Patchwall Puzzle Wall System will be “Xiaomi Brain” (mi Brain) team cutting-edge technology, the seamless introduction of millet TV self-built deep learning, artificial intelligence system, through the magazine layout and infinite tumbling waterfall stream presents a variety of new video content classification and can continue to learn the user’s viewing habits. It is highly recommended for specific content, which significantly shortens the time for users to find pieces.

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