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Youtube Music Download

Do you want to edit a film and design a micro-movie in your work and life, when you need some background music, perhaps a piece of classical music that will let you relax? Alternatively, do you need some sound to make the bustling city scene more busy in the movie?

In addition to your recordings, are there any channels to get legally licensed free music, free sound, in addition to purchasing licenses? Today this article from this point of view, to organize ten free music audio download site, and the sound material here is not only free, but most of them can also authorize free commercial use!

Let’s take a look at what’s recommended?

Youtube Music Download


First of all, I introduced the computer plaything “youtube Open high-quality MP3 free download, online audio track database”, because the introduction, so this only counted +1, but in fact, he is instrumental, probably more than 1000 of the background music, environmental sound can be downloaded.

All free and usable for commercial use, it is important to note that some materials with individual notes should be “added to the author’s logo” (e.g., the final list of the film).

1. Freesound

There are many free ambient sound files on this site, such as busy streets, noisy vocals, or drums and various background music required for the soundtrack.

This is popular free music, sound effects website, and there are many task authors will come here to find commercially available material.

You only need to register an account to be able to download, but note that most of the material, although free to commercial, but to indicate the author of the source Oh!

2. Musopen

This is excellent classical music, a musical instrument of the sound material download site, completely free, mostly belong to the public domain copyright.

So you can find the works of classical musicians in different periods, or the music files of different instruments.

In addition to the production of films can be a soundtrack, but also used to do various classes of teaching materials.


Here you can find a variety of movies, music, musical instrument types of sound material, but also contains different periods of popular music, or like the 70 ‘s sci-fi sound such a magical category. All Music content is licensed free of charge, can be used for commercial purposes, and does not need to be identified by source.

4. Incompetech

This is a personal collection of music materials, and there is a variety of popular music sound material, there is a different festive atmosphere to use the music or a variety of movie scenes with musical effect.

These sound materials are free to download and commercially available, but they need to be identified as sources.


Here is a variety of ambient sound, voice machine sound, click on the audio material link can be previewed, or directly right click on the link to select Download.

6. Free soundtrack music

There are many free background music and sound effects to download, some pay, some can directly see the download button, you can directly download free to use.

7. Find sound

This website lets us search the keywords to be able to find various free music, the sound effects material, on the link right-click can download.

8. Looperman

This is a relatively professional soundtrack material download site, provide musicians to upload their material, you can also download other people’s content, most of the sound or background music is free commercially available, need to label the author’s source.

9. I beat

Here is a rhythm sound archive, there can be used as a variety of background rhythm of the soundtrack, his authorization method according to each file may be slightly different, download to see clearly each of the various free license terms, but most of them are free commercial use, to mark the source of the author.

10. Audionautix

Finally, this site provides a straightforward way to find different contextual sound effects, and the free download can be used for commercial films, as long as the name of the creator can be labeled. The above, is my current collection of 10 of the largest free music, audio content download site, can let us make films, briefings easily find the right material, then, you have other recommendations? Welcome to join us to complete the completion.

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